Light Festivals & Events

Because the glow of lights makes downtowns and other places shine

When it comes to city centers and other special places where people are meant to feel good, the staging of special experiences is needed to upgrade such places and reinstate a positive image for them. Light festivals and light events are well suited to create such special moments. The ‘Zoo of Lights’ by retail emotions is a themed light attraction. 15-20 larger-than-life animals from the wildlife are featured here. With hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights in spectacular shapes and colors this innovative zoo of lights will be the show stopper for your special visitor event. Whether single rental events, complete campaign tour or purchase for permanent installation – the Zoo of Lights can be used for many different purposes. Of course, we can create a wide variety of other themed worlds individually for you.

retail emotions also organizes complete light events: from conception, design and planning, to coordination and events implementation, we offer the entire service package in cooperation with our global network of event specialists.

Time and time again, we develop novel lighting designs that move and inspire people – whether for small or large budgets.

These distinctive experiences give people a positive vibe – when shopping, enjoying or discovering.

Emotional: Extraordinary concepts to amuse and amaze.
Intelligent: Interactive decoration experiences and holistic storytelling with state-of-the-art technology.
Cost-conscious: Our designs follow your budget.

High quality and Sustainable: Exclusive use of LED lighting products.
Decoration products mainly from partners in Germany and the EU.